make: your valentine’s day

Saint Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and I’ve been quietly crafting away this afternoon to prepare for a special home made Valentine’s breakfast tomorrow morning. We don’t go crazy on the romantic festivities but I do like to recognise the day with a little creative fun! As usual we’ve both planned cheap and cheerful hand made treats and I’ve decided upon breakfast in bed with some affectionate additions. 

My Valentine is a huge fan of tea and toast so what better way to show I care than prepare hot buttered heart-shaped toast with lashings of cupid red jam. The toast is SO easy to make: just toast the bread as normal, then use kitchen scissors to snip the hearts into shape, butter and spread the love! 


To accompany the toast I’ve made Valentine’s teabags. I made a whole box of these last year and they were a big hit. I found the idea on Pinterest, they are super simple to make and really cute.

To make the hearts you’ll need some coloured card – I had some paint chips left over from a DIY project and they’re the perfect shades for love hearts. Last year I cut out the hearts with scissors but this time I have treated myself to some heart shaped punches for a slightly more accurate job. I bought mine on Amazon – they have a huge selection.

It’s best to use tea bags with a paper tag already in place – my favourite are Pukka teas. Cut the tag down so that it’s smaller than the heart you’re going to use and stick it to the back of a heart. Then stick another heart to the back of the original, so that they’re back to back and holding the tea tag in place between them. To make them extra snazzy, decorate with smaller hearts in contrasting shades. 

When they’re ready the tea bag hearts look especially nice hanging down the side of a tea pot whilst the tea is brewing. 

My Valentine loves a homemade card and there is to be no exception this year. I’ve gone for a super simple design and I’m really pleased with the result. I used a 2B pencil to draw hearts of different shapes and sizes on Winsor & Newton water colour paper. I then painted each heart with a different watercolour shade. I left space on the paper for a personal note within the hearts and then stuck it onto a blank Kraft card. I finished the design with a cute little hand drawn Valentine’s logo on the back. 


Finally the pièce de résistance – Valentine’s love tokens. A great way to show your love is with some personalised vouchers. The possibilities are endless; this year I’ve made tokens for a romantic picnic, breakfast in bed, a massage and various other very romantic gestures! This is such a great way to show you care and have a giggle – you could even do vouchers for cleaning the kitchen or running a bubble bath – whatever your Valentine will appreciate the most.


To make the vouchers I used coloured luggage labels from Tiger and some Milk Chocolate Love Notes from Waitrose. I then painted a few more watercolour hearts and cut them out individually.

On one side of the tag I used my vintage typewriter to write the token details and on the other side I used UHU glue to stick a painted heart along with a delicious chocolate one. Once finished I threaded a pink ribbon through the holes of the tags and tied it in a bow so they sit together beautifully in a circle. These treats are so cheap and ever so simple to make but much more thoughtful and fun than a standard box of chocolates.


Finally the presentation. I’m going to use a metal tray that we usually use in the garden but it’s romantic style lends itself beautifully to the occasion. I’ve laid the tray with hand made torchon lace doilies. My clever Mama made these at school with drawn thread work on Irish linen and they’re just too lovely to keep stored away. I’m going to use a mixture of vintage and modern china, found in charity shops and finally I’ll lay out a few left over paint chip hearts to finish off the look.

Hopefully the breakfast will be a great success, have fun with whatever you choose to do and happy Valentine’s Day!




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