grow: … or water and enjoy!

For various reasons we are super lucky to have LOADS of beautiful flowers in the house at the moment. I definitely can’t take credit for growing these myself but they’re so cheerful in the midst of a grim and grey January that it would be a shame not to share them.

The beautiful pink and lilac cut hyacinth were originally in the clay coloured pots from Garden Trading (1), they’re very nearly over but I’m trying to make them last just a little longer by keeping them well watered in a separate jug.Β 

I’ve replaced the hyacinth by planting stella banana cream polyanthus with harmony and alida iris in the pots – I can’t wait for the yellows and blues to be blooming together on the kitchen window sill.Β 


Fabulous oriental lilies are mixed with sprigs of eucalyptus and ferns and look beautifully fresh upstairs in the morning light…

…and a delicate potted pink rose bush and three new hyacinth bulbs just beginning to flourish finish off our colourful touch of springtime!Β 



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